Probably because the 4-series would have just been a "3-series coupe" up until this generation. Of course the chassis looks different, it is a 2-door vs. a 4-door. But, most of the mechanical bits should swap back and forth between the two. Perhaps "rebadged" isn't the right word. But BMW certainly conjured up a new … » 10/27/14 4:19pm Monday 4:19pm

Because some of us out here in TVland enjoy buying used "premium" cars vs. new boring ones. Do we roll the dice? Sure. But blasting across America in a used M5 is far more comfortable than doing the same in a Chevy Cruze. If you are handy with the wrenches, why not? » 10/19/14 2:54pm 10/19/14 2:54pm

Because of the heights and the speeds involved, there really isn't a "reentry" the way orbital craft experience. Orbital craft are moving at 17,000+ mph and use the atmosphere to slow down. The trajectory here has the vehicle moving the quickest on the way up, and sort of "floating" down in a high-drag configuration… » 10/06/14 5:08pm 10/06/14 5:08pm